Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Planting in October? In Manchester?

Oh yes!  Here is the rocket planted by one of the Reception classes at Armitage, two weeks in.  It's been in the greenhouse but could easily have been put indoors by a window. You could grow this all year round and it's an easy one to save the seed from. Just let a few go to seed and dry out. You'll see the seed pods and will get loads from just a few plants.

Children love the fact it's called rocket and that it grows so fast. Some even like the taste which is already strong, even in small seedlings.

And here are some of the onions the Gardening Club at St John's planted in early October. The ones that survived being in the Nursery playground!

Here and at St John's we've put in some winter pansies and other bedding plants in for some outdoor colour.  Even younger children can do this. They're cheap and should flower through the late autumn and early spring. Fingers crossed!

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