Thursday, 12 July 2012

Harvest time ... potatoes

We dug out the potatoes from sacks at St John's and a got a great crop (this was just the first few) of a different earlies. It was a big surprise as we hadn't done this before and didn't know how it would work.  There was nearly a riot at the end of the after school club when we hadn't harvested everything; "We don't want to go home, we want to finish this!!"

Katherine Moores at Hulme Community Garden Centre helped us plant the sacks back in February and did some work with the children to help them learn about potatoes. Thanks Katherine!

Harvest time ... garlic

We lifted the garlic at Armitage that we've grown in a large planter among the flowers. The children then plaited the bulbs together to dry. We thought we've have to show them how but we found that one of the group could do it in a blur!

Full of beans

I like beans and broad beans are great for growing at school: reliable, look good and taste good. With Miss Dawson's microwave cooking skills we were able to go from plant to plate in about 5 minutes. A few herbs from the garden and a bit of butter ... mmmm.