Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Garlic sprouting nicely

We planted some garlic in amongst the flowers in containers at Armitage and it's now really sprouting nicely.  It's an easy one to grow, just put a clove in the soil and that's it!  "Proper" seed garlic works best but you can try ordinary ones as well, the results are just less reliable.

While it's growing you can pinch the tops a little and really get that garlic smell, which is what's going on here.

Potatoes going crazy

We've planted some potatoes in sacks at St John's, with the help of Hulme Community Garden Centre. You need to add compost to the height of the leaves as they grow. These have gone a bit crazy and the ones planted more conventionally have yet to produce any leaves. We'll have to see which produce the better crop. Still, the Gardening Club seemed to enjoy working with the compost.